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I have lived so many kinds of art.  I've published magazines, designed advertising art, written radio and tv copy, owned a restaurant, and raised children.  All the while I was also doing ceramic sculpture, because I enjoyed putting my hands in the clay, and because the clay helped me express from a more muted, and quiet, place within.

I have discovered that while an artist contributes a great deal to the creation of a piece, it is the medium itself that lends much of the inspiration.   Recently I became interested in the amazing properties and potential of encaustic painting and the application of wax as a medium on surfaces.  Exploring this new (to me) medium has been quite a learning experience -- from constructing cradle boards, to learning how to make my own medium from recipes of beeswax and types of tree resins, to lighting paintings on fire... 

I have fallen in love with this process and I have fallen in love with beeswax.  I love its smell, its qualities, and especially the way it lends atmosphere and texture to whatever ground it is applied to.  It seems to have limitless potential, and it excites me to be able express and experiment in a medium that invites me into new creative explorations of myself.